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Jackie Michel

Jackie Michel, M.S.
185 Brookside Lane
Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: 315.859.1470



The Hapiness Factor Oct. 4th or 5th, 2013
The Art and Practice of Turning Goals Into Reality                      
Exploring Leadership, Course I
Exploring Leadership, Course II

In a tough economy, when pressures are intense, talented leaders eagerly seek ways to learn and improve. J. Michel Associates answers that need by providing:

  • A learning environment where you build your leadership competencies, think in new ways about yourself, your projects and your employees.
  • Interactive inquiry, privately and in small groups, where you and your key executives will be fully engaged, challenged to work hard, and take new and creative action.
  • Rigorous exploration of the "soft skills" which, paradoxically, most people find are really the hard skills.

The result is an action-oriented experience in which you can craft new directions in your professional and personal life.

What kinds of issues are covered?

  • the sources of effective leadership
  • things that limit people f rom stepping out and going beyond their current success
  • the access to creativity, innovation
  • the tools for effective communication and coaching of others in the workplace

We offer the following workshops:

Be Happier ... A New Science ... A New Outlook

The Art and Practice of Turning Goals Into Reality

Exploring Leadership, Course I

Exploring Leadership, Course II