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Jaciie Michel

Jackie Michel, M.S.
185 Brookside Lane
Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: 315.859.1470


Professional and Personal Coaching for executives, managers, business owners and professionals

“giving you the edge in facing extraordinary challenges at the top”

Think about it. You are the one that others turn to for decision and guidance, but you may not have anyone to fill that role for you.

  • Coaching affords you the opportunity to discuss totally confidential information knowing that it will stay between you and the coach.
  • Coaching allows you to explore the responsibilities and challenges of your professional life, and develop action-oriented strategies and solutions.
  • When work/life stresses interfere with your capacity to focus and produce results, coaching with Jackie Michel provides a context to solve and clear up the issues.
  • Coaching helps you mobilize your best assets and activate the courage and competence to reach your goals.

People committed to excellence and being their very best, like Olympic athletes or golf and tennis pros, all have a coach. Why wouldn’t you?

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a relatively new profession that is growing dramatically because it provides a powerful structure for helping people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. A coach works with people to obtain goals and do what it takes to attain them.

You schedule a weekly or bi-weekly in person or telephone appointment. By phoning from your office or hotel room anywhere in the country or the world you can be working on the relevant issues, completing goals and creating future goals. Coaching may be relatively brief or may last over a longer period of time depending on your needs and intent.

PROGRAM: Programs are pre-purchased and are provided in 4 or 8 week packages.

Option #1 Individual program

  • Two 1 hour phone calls per month plus e-mail support.
  • Investment is $300 per 30 day cycle, with a 6 month commitment.

Option #2 This option is for those who want to share the coaching with another person who has similar interests, issues and goals.

  • Two 1 hour phone calls per 30 day cycle plus e-mail support.
  • Investment is $250 per client per 30 day cycle, with a 6 month commitment

Call to register and to schedule free pre-coaching consultation for each participant.

REGISTRATION: *Options are payable in advance by check. All fees are non refundable and all purchases are final.

  • Your coaching will begin when your payment has been received, and when you have completed and returned your coaching agreement form, client information form and call focus form.


Call 315-859-1470  to schedule a 15 minute time for your free pre-coaching consultation, to answer questions and to review your goals.

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