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Jackie Michel, M.S.
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What people say about the book "Hooray for Parenting ..."

What participants say about J. Michel Associates' Workshops

"From a personal standpoint, the experience was really life altering. It was an evolutionary process that helped me identify things in my life that were unexplored or submerged, and gain a new appreciation of who I am."

Kelly Parsons
United Cerebral Palsy

"I really believe that you shouldn't lose sight of your priorities, and for me that's my family. The leadership program helped me stay focused on achieving balance in my life. The program also helps you to understand and stay in tune with the qualities that have made you successful, and develop the skills you need to develop and continue to grow."

Mary Malone McCarthy
Northland Communications

"This program taught me to step outside myself; to think about new possibilities and new approaches for many aspects of my professional life. The president of our company said he saw a complete transformation in my management and communication skills."

Valerie Sitler, Senior Vice President
Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc.
Award Winner, Accent on Excellence, 2001

"The revelations that occurred were phenomenal. Jackie helped me see things through another light by taking myself out of a situation and looking at the big picture. The program helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, focus on my life purpose, and maximize those skills to reach my highest potential.

I continue to use Jackie as my professional coach."

Cathy Newell, President and CEO
Mohawk Ltd.

"Going to Jackie's class has transformed the way I feel about living in this community. I didn't think I could find this level of experience here. In addition to the value of the course itself, I have met dozens of professional, fabulous, authentic women."

Pat O'Connor, Financial coach
Financial Cleansing

"Jackie's course was very powerful and has helped me in my many leadership roles. Learning to work on how to change my 'automatic response' in various situations has helped change my view when dealing with customers, employees, and my children! She also pointed out some limiting beliefs that I had which allowed me to open my mind to new ideas and conversations. The group setting also was successful as it provided a deeper understanding of issues that leadership women face in a dynamic and growing business world."

Judy Sweet
Strategic Investment Advisors

"Participation in Jackie Michel's leadership program has given me insight into my internal strengths that drive good decisions. I have learned to prioritize and organize for the right balance in work, community, and in my personal life - essential for success in the real estate field."

Sadie Ann Spear
Coldwell Banker Faith Properties

Comments on the Leadership courses: "Several years ago I had what I called "a crisis in leadership" when I was confronted with a situation at work that I did not handle well. Taking Jackie's course helped me realize that the
old, familiar ways I handled things didn't work in every situation, and that
I was capable of developing new strategies for successfully navigating all kinds of circumstances in my workplace as well as in my personal life."

Comments on the Weekend: "Life bombards us with things to do and think about all day, every day. Rarely does it provide respite from the demands of work, family, friends, community -- all the things we are up to these days. Participating in Jackie's weekend allows me the time and the perfect setting to remind myself of who I am, what my priorities are, who I want to be in the world. Nowadays, I build the weekend into my schedule and my budget and give myself the gift of a restorative experience every spring and fall.."

Kim Landon
Associate Professor of Journalism
Utica College of Syracuse University

"Since I have taken the leadership workshop, the CEO has said that the way I conduct business, think about business, and personally conduct myself has grown 100%."

Valerie Sitler, Senior Vice President
Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc.
Award Winner, Accent on Excellence, 2001

"Dynamic interactions...improves communication...will be useful in dealing with individual problems with staff in the field."

Laura Eannace, Director of Human Resources
Centrex, Inc.

What clients say about J. Michel Associates’ Executive Coaching

"Let me tell you right away that I could exhaust my vocabulary of superlatives in describing the impact Jackie Michel has had on my personal and professional success. Most profound in its impact, has been my one-to-one coaching relationship with Jackie. When I faced a crisis in my ability to lead my department through a transition she guided me in redefining myself as a leader. Simply put, her support allowed me to enlarge my vision of my leadership abilities."

Kim Landon
Associate Professor of Journalism
Utica College of Syracuse University

"Jackie is highly skilled in leadership training and motivation. She is a shrewd observer and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seriously interested in bringing about major change."

Jack Hunter, President
J.N. Hunter and Associates
Risk Management

"In one session I got to the heart of the matter. I’ve been seeking guidance for years, and have never had this insight or direction before. Thank you."


"Thanks to you, I’m now clear about my vision for myself, my company, and my community. I remind myself daily about what I am committed to, and how I want to make a difference."